The PlayStation 5’s release on November 12 marks the start of the next-generation console era, but it’s more than simply a gaming change. For many consumers, the device will also serve as a streaming entertainment destination. For the customer who wants it all, a PS5 without Netflix, Disney Plus, or (eventually) HBO Max may not be the best option. Now that the system has been released, we have a complete list of everything Sony offers in addition to its own movie and television marketplace. The options are limited compared to Xbox, but that’s the price of “next generation” technology.

Which PS5 applications appeal to you with most entertainment Here’s a more in-depth look at a couple of the more popular options.

Amazon Prime

One of the major Amazon Prime bonuses is access to the company’s streaming service, which comes with free one-day delivery, Whole Foods savings, and unique Twitch privileges. Subscribers to Amazon Prime Video get access to a vast collection of free entertainment, including original TV series and films as well as licensed items.

Amazon Video is one of the few video-on-demand systems that allows you to add on additional streaming services. Prime subscribers may subscribe to HBO or Shudder without leaving the Amazon Video app thanks to Amazon Channels.

Monthly fee: $4.99


Crunchyroll, the world’s largest streaming service for licensed anime, has recently ventured into original content. Some material is free, but a premium subscription removes advertisements and gives you access to simulcast shows as soon as they run in Japan.

Monthly fee: $7.99 per month; $9.99 per month when purchased with VRV.


If you’re searching for a one-stop shop for boxing and mixed martial arts, DAZN is the place to go. DAZN’s European equivalent provides every sport imaginable, but while the firm expands into the Americas, viewers will have to make do with people hitting other people for the time being.

Cost: $19.99 per month; $99.99 per year


HBO parent firm WarnerMedia introduced HBO Max, a new over-the-top service, in May 2020, but it’s been slow to roll out to other devices (sorry, Roku users). However, it will be included in the PlayStation 5 media app selection starting in December 2020. The service is now priced at $14.99, the same as HBO Now, and most HBO members have had their subscriptions automatically changed to HBO Max. It’s possible that you’ve already gotten in. HBO Max boasts a lot of outstanding material, including the full HBO back library, Studio Ghibli films, and DC superhero flicks, despite a sloppy start. It also boasts an extensive lineup of original programming, including new Adventure Time specials and reality competition series.

Monthly Fee: $14.99/month.


HULU is the greatest option among the big streaming services for cord-cutters who want to stay up with current television content. NBC, Fox, and several cable companies release shows the day after they broadcast, so customers never have to wait for a full season to be published on Amazon or Netflix to catch up on your favorite shows. This is in addition to a wealth of original programs, licensed materials, premium cable add-ons, and a live TV package.

Monthly Fee: $5.99 per month, ad-supported and $11.99/month without-ad

PlayStation 5