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Maryland D-Star DVLAP and Image for Raspberry Pi

The Maryland D-Star Image, available for download from the links on the bottom of this page, is a customized image comprised of a Linux version for the Raspberry Pi, Raspbian Wheezy 3.18.11+ #777, G4KLX’s dstarrepeater and ircDDB gateway.  It also includes a program to send the Pi’s acquired IP address via text message to your phone or to an e-mail address following a successful boot or reboot of the Pi.

The dstarrepeater will also provide limited control of the Raspberry Pi over RF via a REBOOT and HALT command transmitted from the D-Star transceiver to the control board. The purpose of HALT is to orderly shutdown the OS to reduce the chance of SD card corruption. The purpose of the REBOOT command is to restart the OS so that the Network Manager can reset the IP address of the Wi-Fi adapter or to allow the OS to clear the memory swap and temporary files.

The image and incorporated software will work with the following modem and or transceiver board platforms:

§     DVAP

§     70CM GPIO Boards including the DVMEGA Pi Radio

§     70CM & 2M Boards including the DVMEGA Dual Band

§     DV-RPTR V1

§     DV-RPYR V2

§     DV-RPTR V3

§     GMSK Modem

§     Sound Card

§     Split Repeater


The DV LAP, pictured here, uses a 10MW GMSK/Transceiver board and a Raspberry Pi microcomputer combined into a self-contained unit that provides access to the world of D-Star. The LAP leverages your HT and creates a “hot spot" for connecting to the D-STAR network via an Ethernet or Wi-Fi broadband link. While traveling it can be tethered to a cell phone or a 4G access point. Use a D-STAR transceiver to transmit to the LAP which in turn passes your audio through the internet and via the D-Star network to a linked repeater, DPLUS, DCS, or Extra reflector. Additionally it supports CCS routing.

For additional information, ordering information for the Maryland D-Star DHAP Mini Mega, pricing for components and add-on accessories click on the below link. Maryland D-Star DHAP Mini Mega.





There are other first-rate images available for the Pi, however, they include a lot of gleam. Most of the gleam adds sizzle, features you will use rarely, which add unnecessary overhead. The Maryland image is solid, functional and supports all versions of the Raspberry Pi including the new Pi 2 Model B and all Dual Band GPIO daughter boards including the DV-MEGA Dual Band board. Load the image on a SD card and boot your Raspberry Pi. Use your D-Star access point in your home or office with either a wired or wireless broadband connection. Use it with tethered to your 4G phone or a hotspot in your car, in hotels, walking and biking. Configure it once and run headless for months on end. One user recently reported running the initial release with a 2M DVAP 24/7 since July 2014.

Download the following files than follow the Raspberry Pi Step-By-Step guide to setup and configure the Raspberry Pi for use with your hardware.

·         Maryland D-Star Image Step-by-Step

·         Setup-D-StaR Suport PrograMS

·         Maryland D-Star Image r20160328 for all Pi Versions

Our volunteers do not monitor the ircddbgateway or pcrepeater Yahoo groups therefore, please join the forum to post queries, receive update notices and share comments about the Maryland image.



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